Range Rates

Lanes                                                                            $15.00 Hr.

Additional Shooters per Lane                                 $10.00 Hr.

LEO & MIL Lanes                                                      $10.00 Hr.

Corporate & Private Parties                                    (call for price)


Firearm Rental Fees

Pistols                                                                              $15.00

Rifles & Shotguns                                                          $20.00

Fee covers access to all available rentals based on type

Must Use Our Ammo for Our Rentals*


Classes & Lessons

Concealed Carry Class                                               $100.00

(Includes 1 Month Membership)

Introductory Firearm                                                $75.00

Personal Lessons                                                        $75.00 Hr.



Gun Cleaning                                                                $35.00

Online Firearm Transfers                                          $35.00

Firearm Assembly                             Starting price $100.00

Personal Orders



Individual Annual                                                                  $250.00

Active Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement                   $200.00

Fire, EMS, & Teachers

Seniors (Ages 62 and above)                                               $200.00

Monday-Thursday (10am-4pm)                                         $150.00

Additional Family Members (Immediate Family only) $100.00


Membership Benefits

Unlimited Range Time

Free Best Shot T-Shirt or Hat ($19.99 value)

10% off all Ammunition

5% off all Firearms

Free Large Target per visit



LADIES ONLY NIGHTS         $30.00

Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:30-8:00 pm.

Includes: Box of ammo, target, range time, access to professional help and firearm rentals.

Walk-ins are welcome however, we recommend that you call ahead to make a reservation.  Once lanes are full, you’ll have to wait for an opening or try again the following “Ladies Night”.


Range Rules

  1. No Rapid fire (30+ Rounds per minute) OR shooting from the holster.
  2. Only one shooter firing per booth.
  3. Shotguns must be authorized by staff.
  4. Never cross the firing line for ANY REASON. Contact staff.
  5. Paper targets only and must be stapled onto the cardboard/poster board BELOW THE LINE. You are subject to a fine if you shoot down our equipment or damage it in any way. PLEASE CONTROL YOUR SHOTS!
  6. Ammo: ball and hollow point only (NO tracers, AP, API, Green Tip) NO STEEL CASED AMMO. Subject to a fine if violated.
  7. Shoot at your target in your lane, ABSOLUTELY no cross firing in the range.
  8. Gear and magazines that fall forward of the firing line; contact range personnel.
  9. For safety and insurance purposes the Best Shot staff can inspect firearms at any time.
  10. If there are any issues (safety, concerns or questions), contact range personnel, do not bring firearms to staff.
  11. Firearms will be transported by holster OR in a case while in the range.